Murder your Spreadsheets: introducing the editors who will keep you up to date on literary submission deadlines

Liam Sarsfield and Jessie Jones, your editors.

Liam Sarsfield and Jessie Jones, your tiny editors.

Most of my literary side projects have gone nowhere. First, it was a poetry blog. Then, it was a publishing company. After that, a magazine. There was an app. I’ve filled more space in my notebooks with writing about what kind of literary institution I want to build than actual “literary” writing.

Up until a few months ago, I had made peace with this impulse and had started the process of convincing myself that none of it would ever get built. Then, I observed a conversation between Jessie and our friend Garth Martens about the spreadsheets they’d created in order to keep track of deadlines for publications, contests and fellowships. They talked for at least twenty minutes while I stuffed myself with onion rings. By the end of it, I could tell that Jessie was envious: Garth had amassed what sounded like a colossal and definitive list and had worked himself into a lather generating the will to maintain it. Walking home, brainstorming ways to keep abreast of deadlines without having to be an ascetic, we had the idea for Literistic. We’ve been hammering away ever since.

A little about us: we met while we were both still lucky enough to be taking classes with Tim Lilburn and Steven Price. We currently work in technology. I’m a designer by trade. Jessie is a copywriter and support staffer. You can follow me on Twitter, and follow Jessie on Tumblr. You can read a little bit more about how Literistic works in our article, “Building Literistic: Humans, Robots & Juvenile Capitalists.” We’re hoping we can make your lives a little easier. Sign up for Literistic here.

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Can I just tell you guys what an utterly fantastic and lovely act of charity Literistic is? Excuse my gush, but I was drowning under table planners, that google calendar and post-it notes. Not to mention the hours of crawling through the internet trying to find submission deadlines. That sort of thing is hardly good for the soul, as if writing wasn’t hard enough.
A thousand votes and a zillion hugs for making things that much easier. Besides the deadlines, I’m absolutely loving the ooh-here’s-a-journal-I-didn’t-know-of bit.

Mucho Amor

Thank you, Liam Sarsfield and Jessie Jones, for this site. I just signed up. You are so right about the “aimlessness and procrastination” of crawling through so many offerings on the web to find the site that’s right for you. This one feels perfect.

This is wonderful. Literistic has saved me so much time and headache. Like your friend Garth, I had been adding to an overwhelming number of spreadsheets. It very quickly spiraled out of control. Thank you for creating such an indispensable service for writers.

Thank you, Liam and Jessie, for this amazing gift! I love receiving Literistic for several reasons: it’s well designed, informative and succinct. Everything is easy to digest in a quick glance despite how chock full of content it actually is! I’m also impressed that you are able to unearth postings that I didn’t come upon either in my own research or through the other writerly resources I subscribe to you. You guys rock! Well done.