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Introducing Literistic

Every month, we collect an exhaustive list of deadlines for submissions to literary publications, contests and fellowships and send out an email. We're calling our service Literistic, and so far, a few thousand people have signed up. If you're interested,

Literistic was born of a frustration: as a writer, managing deadlines is a headache. Finding out about upcoming deadlines is a matter of spending hours trawling large, advertisement-supported databases. These databases are often convoluted, hard-to-navigate and full of irrelevant listings. The search for pay for poems, or for a fellowship at a swanky (but small and conveniently located) college is too often unsuccessful. It’s a search that inspires aimlessness and procrastination, making the maxim of “submit widely and submit often” difficult to realize. You should be submitting more! But you aren't (and we weren't). And that stinks.

Every month, Literistic sends you a list of deadlines for the following month. The list is elegant, simple and immaculately organized. Its listings are diverse but thoughtful, comprehensive but not overwhelming. Best of all, the listings that you’ll receive are based on your subscriber preferences. If it’s fiction deadlines for publications that pay and are located in the United States that you’re looking for, well, we'll keep you on top of those. And if it's poetry deadlines for publications that pay and don't have reading fees, that's no problem, we can keep you on top of those too. Imagine Literistic is your new robotic literary agent (less tweed, more whitespace). You'll never have to cruise another crappy database again.

Literistic caters to people who write poetry, fiction and nonfiction in Canada, the United States and Britain. We cover publications, contests, fellowships and residencies. Organizations can't pay to have themselves listed in Literistic and we aren't selling advertisements. This is just the straight goods: the most relevant deadlines presented to you simply and beautifully each and every month.

Right now, Literistic costs $8.50/month or $58.00/year. If, after a month or two, you're not satisfied, you can have your money back. But, if you've been keeping track of the amount of time you spend managing deadlines every month and you consider that time to be worth roughly the price of a cup of coffee, it's an easy to decision to make.

If you're interested, we're just getting started. Sign up below.

Liam Sarsfield (@LiamSarsfield) & Jessie Jones (@OhHiJessieJones)
Founding Editors

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