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Organization American Chordata
Type Publications
Due Date March 15, 2019
Last Reported February 1, 2019
Description We have no formal word limits or stylistic constraints but look for work that is brave, illuminating, and emotionally detailed. Please send us only finished work that you really believe in. Send us fiction that is surprising, engrossing, affecting, bold, and emotionally detailed. We are looking for polished, elegant writing and inventive language, playful, fun, smart poems (up to 5 per submission) or nonfiction that tells a story that no one has heard before, or tells us an old story in a way we never expected to read it. We're also looking for original translations into English of brave, illuminating, and emotionally detailed fiction, poetry, and nonfiction. We love writing that is earnest, surprising, elegant, quirky, or outright strange. Please submit, in a single document, one story or essay (two is ok if they're very short) or up to five poems, along with the piece(s) in their original language. We expect that you will have cleared permission with the author to translate and publish their work.
Genres Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction
Money Pays
Website https://americanchordata.submittable.com/submit
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