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Organization Critical Read
Type Publications
Due Date September 16, 2019
Last Reported August 1, 2019
Description Theme issue: "In Pursuit of Beauty." You don’t have to be an artist to want to comprehend something about art. To seek beauty is human. We at Critical Read want to celebrate beauty. Have you gone on a journey in the pursuit of beauty? Was there a piece of art or a performance you just had to see or hear? Simply put, what do you think is the most beautiful artistic journey you have been on? Maybe it was a piece of art you had known about your entire life and always wanted to see. Perhaps it was a piece of art you were unfamiliar with but you still think back on its beauty to this day. We want to hear about it. We are seeking personal essays up to 2000 words on what you have done in the pursuit of beauty. The deadline is Sept. 16. Compensation is $250. Our focus is on nonprofit fine, literary, and performing arts, but we will consider pieces pertaining to vintage or obscure works of pop culture. We aren’t looking for a travelogue of your trip to Europe or a stroll though a museum. We want stories on art that changed your life, art that you would walk 250 miles for.
Genres Non-Fiction
Money Pays, Fees
Website https://criticalread.submittable.com/submit/136914/call-for-personal-essays-in-pursuit-of-beauty-deadline-extended
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