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Story Houston. Theme issue: "Satire." We’re looking for work that is timeless, transcends its premise, and walks the line between silly and smart. Caricatures of political figures and celebrities, while perhaps deserved, usually don’t clear the bar of literary merit; we also ask that you avoid trite or clumsy commentary, vulgarity, and defamatory remarks. Push boundaries and tell the truth. Or just revel in the absurd. Word Count: 1,000 to 5,000 words. Payment: $250 upon publication. Pays, Fees, Fiction, Non-Fiction, United States
Mycorrhizae. Our first issue is an open call. Any work related to nature, place, climate change, and/or environmental justice is welcome. Submit up to 6 poems, not to exceed 50 lines each. Submit up to 3 pieces of fiction/nonfiction, not to exceed 4,000 words each. Simultaneous submissions are fine, but please withdraw your work immediately if it’s been accepted elsewhere. Fees, Unpaid, Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, United States
Gravitas. We like poems of any length, and review on a rolling basis. Try to send several poems as opposed to a single piece, but no more than five in a submission—and again, make only one submission of up to five poems in ONE document. Since our anthologies include about 100 pages of poetry, one of the main things we’re looking for is diversity; we have enough room to be eclectic, and we plan on using it. Unpaid, Poetry, United States
Miracle Monocle. We humbly request that you send us work that enlivens us. For fiction, please submit one piece of 5,000 words or less. Show us that even the most morbid subjects may be found humorous, or that even the sparsest of prose may betray a world of truth. We accommodate traditional realism and experiment alike. For CNF, please submit one piece of 5,000 words or less. We are looking for personal narrative, topical work, and lyrical essays. For poetry, please submit no more than 3 pieces. We appreciate work that takes risks and offers unexpected surprises. For the experimental and not-easily-defined, please submit no more than three pieces. We’re interested in flash, microfictions, nano fictions, and the like. We’re also fans of hybrid and collaborative work. Unpaid, Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, United States
Glowworm. Theme issue: "Proprioception." I.e. that sense of one’s physical presence that we have even when we close our eyes, the sense behind the phantom limb syndrome. Give us art about the senses beyond our common vocabulary, the intuitions about the present and the future that govern our decisions and our emotions. Show us instances in our culture of how we grope in the dark to find things we thought we were sure of, when we were wrong and when we were right. For poetry, please limit your submission to no more than 5 pages. For reviews, essays, and short stories, please limit your submission to no more than ten pages. Fees, Unpaid, Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, United States
Ruminate. We welcome submissions from both emerging and established writers and are looking for fiction that engages the contemplative spirit of our journal and embraces curiosity and discovery rather than resolution. Simultaneous submissions are allowed, but please add a note to your submission if you need to withdraw a piece. Submit 5500 words or less. Pays, Fiction, United States
Outlook Springs. Our emphasis is literary fiction but we aren’t biased against genre. To the contrary! Experimental, science fiction, fantasy, slipstream, magical realism, minimalist, maximalist, flash, etc., are all welcome into our home, so long as there is an emphasis on character and/or language rather than on cleverness and conceit. For poetry, send no more than five poems. We want poems that ooze with sonic pleasure. We love creative nonfiction in all its forms and variations. Send us your memoirs. Send us your travel narratives, your lyrical essays, your personal essays, and everything in between. Payment is $10 for poems, $25 for prose. Of course simultaneous submissions are OK. They should always be OK. Pays, Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, United States
Psychopomp. Committed to publishing original fiction that dares to redefine traditional storytelling and genre borders. We are generally not looking for traditional realist fiction or pure hard genre. With that said, we are certainly open to publishing more traditional literary work or more hard genre (no fan fiction) so long as it’s really, really good. Please only submit one story at a time unless your individual submissions are under 1,000 words in which case you may send up to three pieces in one file. Our word limit for general submissions is approximately 5,000 words. Pays, Fiction, United States
The Boiler. Quite simply, we’re looking for great poetry. Poetry from hungry writers with something to say. Lyricism that refuses to sit still on the tongue and brood in the mind. Send us 3 – 5 poems of your best work. We also want fiction submissions that display commonalities in the human spirit which derive from an human ideal. Whether those commonalities display loss, defeat, triumph, humour, abandonment, fortitude, etc, at the Boiler, we pride ourselves on showcasing honesty within that human spirit. We feel what makes The Boiler unique is our dedication to publishing works that aren’t afraid. Submit an unpublished piece of flash fiction, short story or story excerpt up to 3,500 words. Finally, we’re looking for well-crafted, detailed, and honest stories that come more from the heart than the head. Lately, we’ve been thinking about essays and the non-traditional narrative. Surprise us with pieces up to 3,500 words. Unpaid, Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, United States
Buddy. We are a safe space for writing about mental health, but are open to creative writing on any topic. Please submit one short story or essay, up to 6 pages, or up to 3 poems per submission. We look for experimental, contemporary, well-crafted, quirky, playful or serious. Please, no overly-sentimental work. Unpaid, Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, United States
The New Quarterly. We seek to publish material that balances rigour, complexity, and innovation with a playful spirit and clear, approachable language. Submissions sent between March 1st and August 31st will receive a response around late January. To submit you must be Canadian citizens living in Canada or abroad. We do not have length restrictions, but the longer the piece, the more we have to justify its appearance in the magazine. That said, we have published long poems, poem cycles, and novellas. We rarely publish pieces longer than 6000 words. Pays, Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Canada
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PEN Center USA Emerging Voices Fellowship. The Emerging Voices Fellowship is a literary mentorship that aims to provide new writers who are isolated from the literary establishment with the tools, skills, and knowledge they need to launch a professional writing career. Applicants must not have an MA, MFA, or Ph.D in Creative Writing, be currently enrolled in undergraduate or graduate degree programs, have published one or more books through major publishing houses, university presses, established presses, writers who are widely published in top tier literary journals/magazine, and must be over the age of 21. Emerging Voices is a rigorous fellowship based in Los Angeles with weekly meetings and an intense reading and writing schedule. With this in mind, participants must be willing and able to make an enthusiastic commitment to the fellowship and to their involvement as members of a group. Housing is not provided. The fellowship includes a $1,000 stipend, given in $500 increments. Pays, Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, United States
Writing by Writers Residency. Writing By Writers is pleased to offer one and two week, dog friendly residencies at the Mill House in Bend, Oregon, the Wolf House in Minneapolis, Minnesota and a cozy guest ranch in the Uncompaghre Valley of Colorado. See the website for the dates of each. Residencies are open to fiction writers, creative nonfiction writers and poets. Lodging is provided free of charge, however residents are responsible for their own meals, transportation and personal needs while at the residency. Residencies are intended for writers only. No spouses, children or friends are allowed. Applicants will be asked to provide a statement of intent, a short writing sample and submit a $50.00 tax deductible application fee. Fees, Unpaid, Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, United States
Banff Centre Late Fall Writers Retreat . A 12-day, self-directed program that offers time and space for writers to retreat, reconnect, and re-energize their writing practice. In addition to a single room, which doubles as your private studio, you will be surrounded by a community of artistic peers. You will have the opportunity to attend inspiring talks and performances and meet with guest faculty to consult on your work. Writers in all creative genres are invited to apply. The program is designed for emerging and established writers with a proven publication record seeking a period of dedicated time to work on a project in any genre. Program fee of $2218.22 covers meals, a single room, gym membership and more. Late Fall Writers Retreat 2019 only accepts projects that are being written in English. Fees, Unpaid, Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Canada
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Goldline Press Chapbook Competition. Manuscripts must be 20-30 pages in length for poetry entries, and 7,500-15,000 words for fiction and nonfiction entries (not including the title page and table of contents). Each winner receives $500, publication of her/his perfect-bound chapbook with ISBN, and 10 contributor copies. Gold Line Press sends out 30 copies on behalf of winners to respected literary venues for review. Pays, Fees, Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, United States
Constance Rooke Creative Nonfiction Prize. Awarded to the best work submitted to the magazine’s annual contest for a genre that embraces, but is not limited to, the personal essay, memoir, narrative nonfiction, social commentary, travel writing, historical accounts, and biography, all enhanced by such elements as description, dramatic scenes, dialogue, and characterization. The entry must be between 2,000 and 3,000 words. The grand prize is $1,000 (Canadian funds) to one winner. Pays, Fees, Non-Fiction, Canada
Glass Buffalo Writing Contests. All writers who are residents of Canada are welcome to submit their best piece of short fiction and poetry to be considered by our accomplished judges for the chance to win a $500 prize. This year's Short Fiction Prize will be awarded to the best story under 750 words. For a poetry entry, you may submit up to two (2) poems per entry fee. There is no minimum or maximum word count. Do not include any identifying markers in your documents, such as name, contact info, etc. Pays, Fees, Poetry, Fiction, Canada
Gival Press Short Story Award. Submissions of a previously unpublished original (not a translation) short story in English must be approximately 5,000 to 15,000 words. Please note that the story should be a "stand alone story" —-not a chapter from a novel. The winning author will receive $1,000.00 and the story will be published on the Gival Press website and in a future anthology of short stories. Pays, Fees, Fiction, United States
1/2 K Prize. Send us up to three pieces, 500 words or less, for a chance at $1000 + publication. Any genre is fair game for this contest! Each piece should be 500 words or less and in a single word document. Pays, Fees, Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, United States
Palette Poetry Emerging Writers Prize. For emerging poets, this contest only accepts submissions from authors with fewer than two full length collections out at the time of submission. The winning poet will be awarded $3000 and publication on Palette Poetry. Second and third place will win $300 & $200 respectively, as well as publication. There is no page requirement, but submission must be no more than 3 poems. Pays, Fees, Poetry, United States
Grayson Books Poetry Prize. Submit 50-80 page poetry book manuscript with title page and table of contents. No personal identification on manuscript. You may include a brief bio on the submission form. If you wish to include acknowledgments of previously published poems, you may--it's not required, though. The winner will be awarded a $1,000 prize, publication, and 10 copies. Pays, Fees, Poetry, United States
Barthelme Prize for Short Prose. A prize of $1,000 and publication in Gulf Coast is given annually for a piece of short prose or prose poetry. Honorable mentions will each receive $250. All entries will be considered for publication. Submit a prose poem, a piece of flash fiction, or a micro-essay of up to 500 words. Each entry can include up to 3 pieces. Pays, Fees, Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, United States
The Anzaldúa Poetry Prize. This prize is awarded annually, in conjunction with the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, to a poet whose work explores how place shapes identity, imagination, and understanding. Special attention is given to poems that exhibit multiple vectors of thinking: artistic, theoretical, and social, which is to say, political. First place is publication, $1,000 prize, and 25 contributor copies. Up to five finalists will be announced, and all poems will be considered for publication as a general submission. Submit 15 to 30 pages of poetry. Please include no more than one poem per page. The author’s name should not appear in the document. Pays, Fees, Poetry, United States
Remember in November Contest for Creative Nonfiction. Hippocampus Magazine is giving away more than $1,250 in cash and prizes this November in our annual creative writing contest. Submit memoir excerpts and personal essays up to 4,000 words accepted — there is no theme. Submission MUST be free of your name in headers/footers, title page, and file name. Pays, Fees, Non-Fiction, United States
The Retreat West Novel Prize. This is an annual prize that looks for new, unagented authors with exciting novels to share. You must not have literary agent representation and not have had a novel published before. If you have self-published a novel you are eligible to enter but not with a novel already published. Do not send more than 7,500 words. Entries that exceed the word count will be automatically disqualified. Novels can be in any genre apart from children’s fiction and erotica. YA is allowed. First prize will receive a standard publishing contract with Retreat West Books for a paperback and ebook edition of the novel, with a £500 advance. 2nd Prize: A full MS critique and editorial report from the judge. 3rd Prize: A year’s Gold Author Membership with Retreat West. Pays, Fees, Fiction, Britain
Cities of the Straits Chapbook Series. Honoring both Windsor, Ontario, Canada and Detroit, Michigan in namesake, our chapbooks will highlight the best fiction and poetry submitted to us. Science Fiction writers are welcome to submit chapbooks here as well. We are highly interested in Canadian writers. We strongly encourage Canadian writers to submit. We are looking for a minimum of 20 pages and a maximum of 40 pages of poetry or fiction for this series. These books will have a 100 copy run in print format only. Authors will receive 5 copies and $50 for having their chapbook selected. Pays, Fees, Poetry, Fiction, Canada
Quill (Queer) Prose Award. The Quill Prose Award is for a work of prose with a minimum of 150 pages by a queer writer. Award is $1000 and publication of awarded manuscript by Red Hen Press. Pays, Fees, Fiction, Non-Fiction, United States
The Aesthetica Creative Writing Award. Poetry entries should be no more than 40 lines. Fiction entries should be no more than 2,000 words. Works published elsewhere are accepted. You may enter as many times as you wish.Both Poetry and Fiction entries should be written in English. £1,000 will be awarded to winners in both categories, as well as publication in the Aesthetica Creative Writing Annual, a selection of books from Vintage and Bloodaxe Books, a one year print subscription to Granta, and more. Pays, Fees, Poetry, Fiction, Britain