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Minola Review Poetry and Fiction Contests. Our inaugural Poetry and Fiction Contests are now open! Enter to win the grand prize of $750 in each category, plus publication in Minola Review. The runner-up will receive $100 and publication. The contests are open to Canadian and international women and non-binary writers from anywhere in the world. Each initial poetry entry consists of 1-3 poems, any length, any subject matter, any style. Each initial fiction entry consists of ONE short story (up to 3500 words) or 1-3 flash pieces (up to 1000 words each). Please put all flash pieces in a single document. Fees, Pays, Fiction, Poetry, Canada
Porter House Review Editor's Prizes . Prizes offered in poetry, fiction and nonfiction categories. First prize for fiction: $1,000 and publication. First prize for poetry: $500 and publication. First prize nonfiction: $750 and publication.. Limit fiction and nonfiction submissions to 8,000 words or less. Our review seeks nonfiction that involves discovery for the reader and the writer, work that creates a dynamic of mutual construction through literary dialogue. Personal essays, creative nonfiction flash, memoir, and literary reportage are all welcome. For fiction, we're looking for work that is emotionally affecting, haunting, bizarre, and in firm control of the machinations of storytelling (e.g. character, scene, plot, and momentum). We welcome both traditional short stories, flash fiction, and other hybrid forms. Poetry entries may be 5 pages or less. We seek poetic works that capture experience by reinvigorating the language of the everyday, or surprising readers with novel, rarefied text. We are particularly interested in poetry that champions inventive forms and content. Fees, Pays, Non-Fiction, Fiction, Poetry, United States
The Fiddlehead Poetry Contest. $2000 will be awarded for the best poem. $250 will also be given to two honourable mentions. One poetry submission is up to 3 poems; no more than 100 lines per poem. Entries must be original and unpublished. No simultaneous submissions and no previously published (or accepted for publication) submissions. Fees, Pays, Poetry, Canada
Nobrow Short Story Competition. Theme: "The Censor." Up to twelve winning entries will be published in our short story anthology, and this beautifully illustrated book will celebrate the best short fiction and non-fiction writing. Our theme is ‘The Censor’. You can interpret this in any way you wish – it could represent censoring of the past, present and future; the self; the state; or the effects of censorship on everyday life. As a provocation we hope our theme can provide a rich vein of storytelling inspiration for anyone wishing to take part in the competition. We are looking for inclusive, surprising, ingenious and diverse responses that capture our minds and hold us until every word is devoured. It is completely free to enter. A submission is defined as a short story of up to 3,000 words or a creative non-fiction piece of up to 3,000 words. An overall winner will receive £2000. All selected contributors will receive £150 and two complimentary copies of the book, and will be invited to attend events including a launch and readings. Fees, Pays, Fiction, Britain
Pacifica Creative Nonfiction Contest. To be considered for this contest, you must submit one piece of creative nonfiction to this category in a single document of no more than 4k words. First Prize is $500, publication in the print issue, and a year's subscription. Honorable Mentions will be awarded at the judge's discretion, and will also be published in the print issue. Fees, Pays, Non-Fiction, United States
Hamlin Garland Award for the Short Story. $2,000 and publication will be awarded to the top unpublished story on any theme. Submit one story per entry—multiple entries OK. Maximum 7,000 words. All entrants will be considered for publication. Fees, Pays, Fiction, United States
Mid-American Review Awards. You can submit 1 story of up to 6000 words or up to 3 poems. Our prize for each contest is $1000 and publication of our winner. All participants receive the issue in which our winners are printed! The contests are for previously unpublished work only–if the work has appeared in print or online, or has been contracted for such, it is ineligible and will be disqualified. Manuscripts and intro material need not be left anonymous. Pays, Fees, Poetry, Fiction, United States
Dorset Prize. The Dorset Prize is open to anyone writing in the English language, whether living in the United States or abroad. Translations are not eligible for this prize, nor are previously self-published books. Winner will receive a $4,500 cash prize and a week-long residency at MASS MoCA worth $1,500 in addition to publication by Tupelo Press, 20 copies of the winning title, a book launch, and national distribution with energetic publicity and promotion. Open to anyone writing in the English language, whether living in the United States or abroad. There is no mandatory page count. We suggest in the area of 48 to 88 pages of poems. Fees, Pays, Poetry, United States
Boulevard Short Fiction Contest for Emerging Writers. $1,500 and publication in Boulevard awarded to the winning story by a writer who has not yet published a book of fiction, poetry, or creative non-fiction with a nationally distributed press. We accept works up to 8,000 words. Simultaneous submissions are allowed, but previously accepted or published work is ineligible. Fees, Pays, Fiction, United States
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Michigan Quarterly Review. Theme: "Not One Without: A Special Issue on Water." We are looking for pieces that consider water through the lens of history and of contemporary geopolitics, and are excited to receive submissions that consider water through mythology, religion, and art history. Prose submissions: Manuscripts should be double-spaced, right margins not justified; 1,500 words minimum, 5,000 average, 7,000 maximum. Poetry submissions: Please submit in between 3-6 poems, not to exceed a total of 12 pages. Simultaneous submissions are allowed, but please notify us immediately if the manuscript is accepted elsewhere. Pays, Fees, Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, United States
Vallum. Theme issue: “Home.” Home isn’t necessarily a house; our homes can be forged in the most unlikely of places. Sometimes we find shelter in people, in things. Maybe our idea of home exists in multitudes as different objects or spaces — maybe now, or merely as memory. In this issue, we want to explore what these homes are, and what they mean to us. Submit either 4-7 poems or an essay of 4-6 pages. Fees, Pays, Non-Fiction, Poetry, Canada
Water Stone Review. Fiction and creative nonfiction submissions must be limited to 8,000 words. Novel and memoir excerpts are acceptable as long as they stand on their own. Short and flash forms are welcome in both CNF and fiction and up to three pieces in these forms, with the total number of words for all pieces combined not exceeding 8,000 is acceptable. Poetry submissions must be limited to three poems or fewer. Simultaneous submissions are acceptable, but the writer must withdraw the manuscript immediately if it has been accepted elsewhere. Unpaid, Fees, Non-Fiction, Fiction, Poetry, United States
Five Points. Include a cover letter with your submission. Simultaneously submitted works are permitted. Prose pieces should be typed double-spaced on one side and be no longer than 7500 words total. Submit one prose work per submission. Submit up to three poems per poetry submission. Each poem should be no longer than fifty lines. Poems should be individually typed either single- or double-spaced on one side of the page. Fees, Pays, Non-Fiction, Fiction, Poetry, United States
Peculiar. We are interested in many genres, and the subject matter does not need to be queer themed—we only ask that contributors identify as queer/LGBTQIA+. We do allow simultaneous submissions and previously published work. Prose stories must be under 3,500 words. Please submit between 1 and 6 poems in the same document on separate pages. Unpaid, Non-Fiction, Fiction, Poetry, United States
Tint Journal. Tint showcases the original work of writers for whom English is a second or non-native language. Original creations of fiction and nonfiction will only be accepted by writers who have learned or acquired the English language after being fluent in another language. For creative prose submissions (fiction or nonfiction), please submit one piece (short story or essay) between 1,000 and 4,000 words. For flash (fiction or nonfiction) submissions, please submit one piece. It should not exceed 800 words. For poetry submissions, please submit one poem. If the poem has subsections, mark them clearly in your document. Unpaid, Non-Fiction, Fiction, Poetry, United States
HCE Review. HCE Review is an international literary journal housed at University College Dublin. We publish fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, reviews, essays and translation by established and emerging writers. Please submit up to six poems, one piece of creative non-fiction of up to 3000 words, or one piece of fiction of up to 3000 words. Unpaid, Non-Fiction, Fiction, Poetry, International
Exposition Review. Theme issue: "Act/Break." When creating a short story, poem, play, or even journal issue, we set about meticulously putting pieces together to create a body from many parts: the beginning, the end, and the spaces in between. We build, splinter, and reconnect. We pause to consider what’s worth keeping and when change should happen. Short stories and stand-alone novel excerpts should not exceed 5,000 words. You can also send up to three pieces of flash fiction, 750 words or fewer. Pieces that exceed this limit will not be read. Memoir, personal essays, and creative nonfiction, again should not exceed the 5,000 word limit. Poetry of up to three poems of any form and in traditional or experimental styles are also welcome. Fees, Pays, Non-Fiction, Fiction, Poetry, United States
New Ohio Review. Please send more than six poems in a single submission or one story or essay of no more than 20 pages each. Fees, Pays, Non-Fiction, Fiction, Poetry, United States
Hippocampus Magazine. Looking for a literary magazine that accepts personal essays? Hippocampus Magazine enthusiastically considers unsolicited, previously unpublished creative nonfiction submissions in the following categories: memoir excerpt – a self-contained portion (chapter or selection) of a larger, book-length work – 4,000 words max; personal essay – a short narrative reflecting on a particular life experience or observation – 4,000 words max; flash creative nonfiction – 800 words max. We offer a $40 honorarium to authors whose work is accepted in the memoir, essay, and flash categories. Fees, Pays, Non-Fiction, United States
Existere. A maximum of each of the following per calendar year can be submitted: two prose pieces [3500 word limit each], five postcard stories or five poems. If you submit from July 2 to December 31, your submission will be considered for our Spring/Summer issue. Pays, Non-Fiction, Fiction, Poetry, Canada
Arc Poetry. For over 40 years, Arc has been pub­lish­ing the best in con­tem­po­rary poetry. Arc invites sub­mis­sions from poets at all stages of their writing careers. Submissions received from September 1 to December 31 will be read for the Summer issue. Submissions must not exceed 3 poems or 360 lines. Arc pays for poetry at the rate of $50 per page. Pays, Poetry, Canada
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Andrews Forest Writers’ Residencies. Creative writers whose work in any genre reflects a keen awareness of the natural world and an appreciation for both scientific and literary ways of knowing are invited to apply for one-week residencies. Writers are provided a comfortable apartment at the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest, access to a majestic ancient forest and world-renowned research site, opportunities to interact with research scientists as they go about their work, and an honorarium of $250. To apply, submit a one-page statement of interest, a work sample of about 10 pages of poetry or 15 pages of prose, or other documentation and a CV, including a list of published work. Pays, Non-Fiction, Fiction, Poetry, United States
Biophony Residency. The Biophony program is a research residency for artists interested in the acoustics of ecology and the sounds of wildlife. It will take place over a week in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada in the spring of 2020. The residency will involve twice daily excursions to focus on bioacoustics for collection of samples introduction to equipment and research being conducted by a range of experts. Residencies are designed to support research by conceptual artists. Writers, musicians, film makers and dancers are always invited to apply. At least half of all Ayatana field trips are spent outdoors and some involve gentle hiking. Those who do not like the outdoors or to talk about art need not apply. The cost for $1250 USD covers transportation to all activities, supplies, equipment and technical gear, a comfortable bed in the Ayatana residency house and most meals. Submit a CV, artist statement and a portfolio of 5-10 pieces of work in any format. Unpaid, Fees, Non-Fiction, Fiction, Poetry, Canada
Studio Faire Residency. Studio Faire is a contemporary art space in South West France, providing residencies for artists, writers and all other creative practitioners. We offer self-funded, self-directed residencies to international practitioners, working in any creative discipline, who would benefit from a period of uninterrupted time to focus on developing their work. Residents live and work in the house, studios and gardens of Studio Faire, a small mansion built around 1840 and still retaining its period characteristics. Accommodation is provided on a self-catering basis, with a private bedroom, plus shared interior and exterior living and work space. This deadline is for a 4-week residency from 27 February-26 March 2020. The cost of the residency is as follows: 1 person = 320€ (1 week) - 960€ (4 weeks). Please submit a project outline and an artistic statement with your application. Fees, Unpaid, Non-Fiction, Fiction, Poetry, International