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Aura Estrada Short Story Contest . The winning author will receive $1,500 and have his or her work published online on Boston Review's Web site. Runners up may also be published. Stories should not exceed 5,000 words and must be previously unpublished. Any author writing in English is eligible. This year's judge is Alexander Chee. Pays, Fees, Fiction, United States
Mary C. Mohr Awards. Southern Indiana Review will award three prizes of $2000 each and publication in SIR for works of creative nonfiction (personal or scholarly); fiction (flash fiction, short story, novella, or stand-alone novel excerpt); or poetry written in English submitted under the following guidelines. For creative nonfiction and fiction submissions submit fewer than thirty typed pages. Poetry submissions should consist of no more than four poems (with an additional limit of ten total pages in 12-point font, no more than one poem per page). Pays, Fees, Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, United States
Jeffrey E. Smith Editors’ Prize. Winners receive publication, invitation to a reception and reading in their honor, and a cash prize of $5000 per genre. Submit one piece of fiction or nonfiction up to 8,500 words or any number of poems up to 10 pages. Please double-space fiction and nonfiction entries. Pays, Fees, Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, United States
Riddle Fence Contests. One short-fiction submission is one story, one poetry submission is up to 3 poems; no more than 100 lines per poem. Entries must be original and unpublished elsewhere. No simultaneous submissions and no previously published (or accepted for publication) submissions. Pays, Fees, Poetry, Fiction, Canada
American Literary Review Awards. Three prizes of $1,000 each and publication in the Spring online issue of the American Literary Review will be given for a poem, a short story, and an essay. Send short fiction of 8,000 words or less, CNF of 6,500 words or less, and no more than three poems per entry. Please do not put any identifying information in the file itself. Pays, Fees, Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, United States
Bath Flash Fiction Award. 300 word limit. £1000 prize for the winner, £300 second and £100 third. Two commendations £30 each. 50 longlisted entrants offered publication in our end of year print and digital anthology. Those accepting receive a free copy. Pays, Fees, Fiction, Britain
Event Magazine's Nonfiction Contest. Our annual Non-Fiction Contest winners feature in every winter issue since 1989, and many have gone on to greatness. Prize: $3,000 in prizes ($1,500 First Place, $1,000 Second Place, $500 Third Place) plus publication in EVENT. 5,000 word limit on entries. Entries must not have been previously published, either in print or online, been accepted for publication elsewhere. No simultaneous submissions and do not identify yourself on the entry. Pays, Fees, Non-Fiction, Canada
The Pacific Spirit Poetry Prize. Submit up to three poems per entry (100 lines max per poem). $1,500 grand prize, $600 runner-up, $400 2nd runner-up. Entries must be original, previously unpublished in print or online, and not under consideration elsewhere. PRISM international is offering free entries for self-identifying Indigenous writers. Indigenous writers are invited to submit by emailing [email protected] by the deadline. We also have a number of free entries to offer to low-income writers, and we encourage writers for whom the contest entry fee is prohibitive to contact us to arrange contest entry. Pays, Fees, Poetry, Canada
Troubadour Poetry Prize. Poems may be submitted from any country & must be in English, must each be no longer than 45 lines. First prize: £2,000. Second prize £1,000. Third prize: a week-long creative-writing course at the Arvon centre of your choice. Poems may be submitted from any country & must be in English, must each be no longer than 45 lines, must fit on one A4 or US-Letter-size page, must show title & poem only, must not show poet’s name, must be the original work of the entrant (no translations) & must not have been previously broadcast or published in print or online. Pays, Fees, Poetry, Britain
Bare Fiction Prize. International awards for Poetry, Flash Fiction, and Short Story. Flash fictions entries should be no longer than 500 words, short story entries no longer than 3,000 words and poetry entries no longer than 40 lines. Prizes in each category are: 1st Prize: £500, 2nd Prize: £200, 3rd Prize: £100 and 2 x Highly Commended Award: £25. 1st, 2nd & 3rd prize winners will be published in the Spring 2019 issue of Bare Fiction Magazine and on our website. Pays, Fees, Poetry, Fiction, Britain
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The Stadler Fellowship. To be eligible, an applicant must be at least 21 years of age, reside in the United States, have received an MFA or MA in creative writing (in poetry) no earlier than spring 2013, and not be enrolled as a student during the period of the residency. The fellowship provides $20,000, health insurance, office space and housing. Poets who have published a full-length collection are not eligible for the fellowship, so this is a great opportunity for those looking to jumpstart their post-MFA careers. Application requirements: letter of application, curriculum vita, 10 page poetry sample, three letters of recommendation. Pays, Poetry, United States
Jan van Eyck Academie Residency. The Van Eyck in Maastricht (NL) is an international, multidisciplinary institute for talent development that offers time and space to develop your own projects in an inspiring, multiform working environment. A residency at the Jan van Eyck Academie varies between 6 up to 12 months. Apply if you feel the time is ripe to take your work to another level in an open environment, to experiment and investigate, to see your work reflected in the mirror of the world or to do what no one fully grasps yet. The enrolment fee at the Van Eyck amounts to €2,750 at an annual basis. For stays that are shorter or longer than 12 months, pro rata amounts apply (so for example 6 months = €1,375). The enrolment fee should be paid before 21 January 2019. Pays, Fees, Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, International
Amy Lowell Travelling Scholarship. Any poet of American birth who is able and willing to spend one year outside the continent of North America is eligible. There is no age requirement, and there is no requirement that applicants be enrolled in a university or other education program. While many recent winners have been published poets, there is no requirement that applicants have previously published their work. The submitted writing sample must consist of either (1) up to 40 typed pages or (2) a printed volume of your poetry and no more than 20 additional typed pages. The 2019-2020 Scholarship award will be approximately $59,000, adjusted for inflation. If there are two winners, each will receive the full amount. The award is paid in quarterly instalments, beginning before departure to allow the winner to make travel arrangements. Pays, Poetry, United States
Camargo Core Program Residency. The Camargo Core Program is the historical and flagship program of the Foundation. Each year an international call is launched through which 18 fellows (9 artists and 9 scholars/thinkers) are selected. It offers time and space in a contemplative environment in Cassis, France to think, create, and connect. By encouraging groundbreaking research and experimentation, it supports the visionary work of artists, scholars and thinkers in the Arts and Humanities. By encouraging multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches, it intends to foster connections between research and creation. It welcomes applications from all countries and nationalities. Our Core Program consists of fellowship residencies of six to eleven weeks. Please check the available dates before applying. A stipend of 250 USD per week is available, as is funding for basic transportation to and from Cassis for the Fellow for the residency. In the case of air travel, basic coach class booked far in advance is covered. Applications must include the following: a proposal narrative, your rationale for wanting to work specifically at Camargo, rationale about why a residency is appropriate at this specific stage of the proposal and/or career, a current C.V, a work sample of up to 20 pages, and two references. Pays, Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, International
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Witness. We often enjoy material that ventures into international terrain. One active submission in each genre is allowed. Limit nonfiction submissions to 8,000 words maximum. Please wait for a response regarding a submission before sending more work. Pays, Fees, Non-Fiction, United States
NoD. NōD accepts poetry, prose, creative non-fiction, and visual art from all writers and artists. Send up to 5 pieces and no more than 10 pages of poetry or up to 10 pages of prose. This can be multiple flash fiction pieces, one story up to 10 pages or any combination you’d like. Please send all pieces in one document with new pieces starting on a new page. NōD Magazine accepts only unpublished work. We do accept simultaneous submissions, but please notify us immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere. Unpaid, Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Canada
Geometry. Stories and creative non-fiction should not exceed 8,000 words in length. Poems should be no longer than 50 lines. We do not accept novel extracts, children's fiction and genre fiction, e.g. romance, fantasy and crime stories. Our writers are paid anywhere between $10-$50 for poetry and 1-3 cents per word for fiction and nonfiction. Contributors will also receive one free copy of the printed journal. Pays, Fees, Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, International
Anastamos. Theme issue: "Tangible." When we think of something as tangible, we often refer to the physicality of the thing—whether or not it is observable, touchable, within reach. But how about emotions, ideas, concepts, etc.? We use the word “heartbroken” to describe loss, and while that is an emotional construct, there can be physical consequences to grief, such as Takotsubo cardiomyopathy, when the muscle of the heart itself weakens. Anastamos is looking for work that resonates in what we assume is a tangible world. Work that provokes observed reactions: for its ability to shock, inspire, raise questions, and, more importantly, to answer them. From suspicion, to revelation. Full bottles of wine to empty ones. Tell us your stories. Make them tangible. Fiction: 5,000 words maximum (anything longer, send query). Nonfiction: 5,000 words maximum (anything longer, send query). Poetry: 5 poems maximum of any length. Unpaid, Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, United States
American Chordata. Simultaneous submissions are fine, but we hope you’ll let us know if your work has been accepted for publication elsewhere. We're looking for original translations into English of brave, illuminating, and emotionally detailed fiction, poetry, and nonfiction. Send us fiction that is surprising, engrossing, affecting, bold, and emotionally detailed. We are looking for polished, elegant writing and inventive language. We like playful, fun, smart poems. We also like heartfelt, intense, honest poems. Send up to five poems in a single document. We are looking for nonfiction that tells a story that no one has heard before, or tells us an old story in a way we never expected to read it. We are just as interested in great writing as we are in great stories. We ask that you include no more than two essays per submission. Pays, Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, United States
Rattle Poetry. Theme: Persona Poems. Our Spring 2019 issue will be dedicated to Persona Poems. A persona poem, of course, is one where the speaker of the poem is a dramatic character other than the poet. The poems may be written on any subject, in any style or length, but must be written in the voice of someone else (real or fictional). Please explain what drew you to this persona and/or why you write persona poems in general in your contributor note. Please submit up to four previously unpublished poems (or pages of short poems) at the same time, but these must be sent as a single submission in ONE document. Pays, Poetry, United States
Litro. Theme issue:Freedom. How free are we, anyway? How free will we be for how much longer? Philosophically, are we subservient to the laws of physics – is free will an illusion? – politically and socially, can we do what we like, or are we chained by higher powers that would restrict us ever further? An issue of and about freedom, while we’ve still got it – submit whatever you like: use your freedom of speech. Max. word length: 4,000 words. We accept short fiction, flash/micro fiction, and nonfiction. Unpaid, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Britain
Gorse. Submissions open Oct. 1. We are interested in the potential of literature, in literature where lines between fiction, memoir and history blur (Sebald, Cendrars, Bolaño, Joyce), in experimental [1] writing, in fiction in translation, in the unconventional and the under recognised, in the personal essay (Sontag, Dyer). We are a literary journal equally interested in the arts, in culture, in politics. We’re looking for smart writing, not academic. Submissions should ideally not be under consideration elsewhere and, besides poetry, should be a minimum 1,500 words in length. Please submit no more than one fiction submission and non-fiction authors, please send only finished essays (not just queries). We love translations, but they should be accompanied by a copy of the original text. Poetry submissions should be 4-8 pages of work. Pays, Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, International
Columbia Journal. Columbia Journal seeks submissions of poetry, nonfiction, fiction, art and translation for both print and online. We’re in search of innovative, outward-looking voices, stories that break boundaries and language that lingers. Manuscripts should be typed and double-spaced, with numbered pages. Poetry may be single-spaced. Please submit 1-3 poems or up to 5,000 words of prose at a time, and do not submit more than once per submissions cycle. Unpaid, Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, United States
Bad Nudes. Fiction: 1 story, max. 3000 words Poetry: 5 poems, max. 10 pages. Include a <100 word bio. Please use eccentric formatting in poems/stories sparingly. Unpaid, Poetry, Fiction, Canada