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Aura Estrada Short Story Contest . Stories should not exceed 5,000 words and must be previously unpublished. Any author writing in English is eligible. Pays, Fees, Fiction, United States
Kore Press Memoir Award . Open each year to a woman writer writing in English. Submit a minimum of 80 pages and a maximum of 400 pages of original memoir or memoir-in-essays written by applicant. Must be unpublished at the time of submission. Pays, Fees, Non-Fiction, United States
Riddle Fence Contests. One short-fiction submission is one story, one poetry submission is up to 3 poems; no more than 100 lines per poem. Pays, Fees, Poetry, Fiction, Canada
American Literary Review Awards. Send short fiction of 8,000 words or less, cnf of 6,500 words or less, and no more than three poems per entry Pays, Fees, Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, United States
Zoetrope: All-Story Short Fiction. We accept all genres of literary fiction. Entries must be: unpublished; strictly 5,000 words or fewer. Pays, Fees, Fiction, United States
Mary C. Mohr Award. For creative nonfiction and fiction entries submit fewer than thirty-five typed pages and for poetry, no more than four poems of no more than 10 pages in total (and only one poem per page.) Pays, Fees, Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, United States
London Short Story Prize. The Prize is open to entries from writers living in London. The word limit is 5000 words per story. Pays, Fees, Fiction, Britain
The Pacific Spirit Poetry Prize. Submit up to three poems per entry (100 lines max per poem). Pays, Fees, Poetry, Canada
Sequestrum New Writer Awards . Open to fiction and nonfiction up to 12,000 words or two flash fiction submissions under 1,000 words or up to 40 lines (per poem) and three poems per submission. Only open to writers who are yet to publish a book-length manuscript. Pays, Fees, Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, United States
Troubadour Poetry Prize. Poems may be submitted from any country & must be in English, must each be no longer than 45 lines Pays, Fees, Poetry, Britain
CBC Short Story Prize. Submit your original, unpublished stories between 1200 and 1800 words. All Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada are eligible to submit. Pays, Fees, Fiction, Canada
The Jane Lumley Prize for Poetry. Awarded to poets who have not published more than one full length collection, and/or have only published chapbooks, and/or have published work in literary magazines and/or anthologies. We also strongly encourage unpublished writers to submit their work for consideration. You may submit a maximum of eight poems (totalling not more than ten pages) per submission. Pays, Poetry, United States
Grants and Fellowships Showing 6 of 13
Vermont Studio Center Residency Fellowship. Twenty-five VSC fellowships open to ALL artists and writers living and working anywhere in the world. These fellowships are for residencies scheduled between December 2017 – May 2018.  Poets, please submit a maximum of 10 pages, no more than one poem per page. All other genres, please submit a maximum of 15 pages.  Unpaid, Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, United States
The Stadler Fellowship. To be eligible, an applicant must be at least 21 years of age, reside in the United States, have received an MFA or MA in creative writing (in poetry) no earlier than spring 2013, and not be enrolled as a student during the period of the residency. The fellowship provides $20,000, health insurance, office space and housing. Poets who have published a full-length collection are not eligible for the fellowship, so this is a great opportunity for those looking to jumpstart their post-MFA careers. Pays, Poetry, United States
The Banff Centre Winter Writing Retreat. The Winter Writers Retreat is a self-directed program that offers time and space for writers to retreat, reconnect, and re-energize their writing practice. In addition to a single room, which doubles as your private studio, you will be surrounded by a community of artistic peers. Delve deep into your creative project and take advantage of the artistic community around you.  The program is designed for emerging and established writers with a proven publication record seeking a period of dedicated time to work on a project in any genre. Fees, Unpaid, Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Canada
Camargo Core Program Residency. The Camargo Core Program offers time and space in a contemplative environment in Cassis, France to think, create, and connect. By encouraging groundbreaking research and experimentation, it supports the visionary work of artists, scholars and thinkers in the Arts and Humanities. By encouraging multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches, it intends to foster connections between research and creation. Pays, Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, International
OAC Literary Creation Projects Grant. You must be an Ontario resident with a permanent physical address in Ontario and have a recent professional publishing history with: at least one traditionally published book (minimum of 48 pages) for which you have a publishing contract and receive royalties; or at least three traditionally published short stories, comics, poems or other works for which you have received payment. Pays, Poetry, Non-Fiction, Canada
Tin House Winter Workshops Scholarship. Awarding one full scholarship for 2018 Winter Workshop sessions. As a result of a private donation, we will also be awarding two partial scholarships this year (not tied to any genre). A full scholarship includes both tuition and housing + a $75 food stipend. Submissions open Sept. 5th. Fees, Unpaid, Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, United States
Publications Showing 10 of 20
The Acentos Review. Unpaid, Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, United States
Litro. Theme issue: Protest. More than ever we need to stand up and be counted, to make our voices heard, to speak truth to power – progress can’t be taken for granted, has to be fought for every day or else there are those who’d turn it right back. So an issue of demonstrations, sit-ins, strikes, marches, civil disobedience…Max. word length: 4,000 words as a rough guideline. We do make exceptions. We also accept flash/micro fiction. Unpaid, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Britain
Big Lucks. Open reading period for chapbook submissions. Please submit between 16-36 pages of work. We are looking for work that feels immediate, work that steps out of or straddles the line between genres, work that explores queerness & challenges heteronormativity, and much, much more. Fees, Unpaid, Poetry, Fiction, United States
Washington Square Review. Unpaid, Poetry, Fiction, United States
Phoebe. Fees, Unpaid, Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, United States
Taddle Creek. Currently is accepting submissions of fiction and poetry (mainly fiction) for its upcoming pulp issue. Submissions of traditional pulp fiction—heavy on dialogue, descriptive narration, and lurid action—will be accepted, but modern takes on genre are especially welcome. Stories types may include crime, horror, sci-fi, westerns, romance, mystery, fantasy, war, sports, and erotica. Unpaid, Poetry, Fiction, Canada
Room Magazine. Room publishes fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and art by women (cisgender and transgender),  transgender men, Two-Spirit and nonbinary people. We specifically encourage writers with overlapping under-represented identities to submit their work.  Pays, Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Canada
Hotel. Submissions open Oct. 1 Unpaid, Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Britain
Indiana Review. Pays, Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, United States
Long Story, Short . Stories should be over 4000 words long, although a few hundred words less is welcome. There is no upper word limit, so long as the author considers the work a short story. A maximum of two stories at a time will be considered. Unpaid, Fiction, Britain