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Organization The Lifted Brow
Type Publications
Due Date May 31, 2019
Last Reported April 1, 2019
Description Themed issue: Digital Intimacies. We are looking for translators with pitches or pieces which tackle this topic in an interesting way. Some potential ideas to get you started: artificial intelligence and the construction of narrative, surveillance as a form of intimacy, subcultures on the internet, queer people and the construction of self via instagram lives, personality quizzes, etc. Please do not think of this list as definitive - pieces which bend and stretch the theme, or cause us to look at the idea of 'digital intimacies' in a new way will be looked upon favourably. Submissions of translated fiction, comics, essays, experimental non-fiction, and poetry are all accepted. If any of your work crosses the boundaries of genres or modes, or deals with translation in an experimental way - try us.
Genres Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction
Money Pays
Website https://manager.submittable.com/beta/opportunity/135752
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