Your very own personalized literary deadline calendar

We’ve just released two new features for Literistic Longlist subscribers: you can now download calendar events for individual deadlines and you can now subscribe to a personalized deadline calendar that automatically updates every time we release a new list. The latter feature is super exciting. We’re currently supporting iCal, Google Calendar and Outlook, though I imagine these features will also work for other calendar applications as well. I’ve broken down the features below.

Personalized Deadline Calendar

You can now subscribe to a personalized deadline calendar by clicking on the link (which sits underneath our monthly “Letter from the Editors” section) in your next Literistic email. The link looks like this:

Clicking on that link will subscribe you to your calendar using your existing calendar application. Don’t worry: most calendar applications have ways to hide/show events associated with particular calendars (in other words, this won’t pollute your calendar with a million events), and you can always unsubscribe from it if it seems like too much.

The calendar is self updating, which means that when we release a new Literistic, your calendar will populate automatically. Each event has details on the deadline, including our descriptions and genre classifications. It’s basically Literistic but in calendar form.

If you have any questions, shoot us through an email.

What Calendar applications can be used for this?

Google Calendar, iCal and Outlook. It should work with other calendar applications as well. If it doesn’t, send us an email and we’ll see what we can do.

Does it take into consideration my subscriber preferences?

It sure does. Updating your subscriber preferences updates your calendar. If you toggle off poetry and submissions that have fees, you won’t see ’em in your calendar.

What if I change my mind?

Unsubscribing from the calendar is as easy as removing it from your calendar app. You can unsubscribe from your calendar at any time.

What if I unsubscribe from Literistic?

You’ll automatically be unsubscribed from your calendar as well. But why would you?

Download deadlines to your calendar

Each Literistic deadline now comes with a little clock icon next to it. Clicking the little clock will send you to a page where you can download an individual calendar event for that deadline. Here’s an image of a deadline with the little clock next to its title:

The calendar event comes complete with our description and genre classifications. You can set your own reminders for it within your calendar app. Right now, we support Google Calendar, iCal and Outlook, but it should work with other calendar applications as well. If it doesn’t, send us an email and we’ll see what we can do.

Both of these features were requests from subscribers just like you. So, if you have a good idea that you’d like to share with us, send it over. That’s it for now.

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