Submitting a Featured Video to Literistic

Ever wanted to feature your opportunity in our newsletter? Ever felt frustrated by our complete prohibition on advertising? Well have we got something for you. Introducing Featured Videos.

Featured Videos allow literary organizations to get a little bit more exposure in our newsletter. They’re displayed prominently and separate from our deadlines and they’re likely to drive more interest in whatever opportunity you’re promoting than our regular listings. We’re also happy to broadcast Featured Videos throughout our network in order get you a little bit of extra exposure.

Featured Videos are about developing our subscribers understanding of the kinds of writing that organizations like yours are looking to attract. Using their web cam, editors or administrators are encouraged to record themselves responding to the survey questions provided. We don’t want the videos to feel overproduced or to feel like an advertisement. Video quality doesn’t need to be amazing—web cam and ear bud microphones are entirely sufficient.

Interested? Send us an email. We can’t promote every opportunity, so we encourage you to reach out to us beforehand to make sure that what you’re promoting meets our editorial standards.


Please use a modern webcam (equipped on most Apple computers) and a dedicated microphone (such as the microphone attached to most Apple earbud headphones). Please record in a quiet place. Please make sure that you are evenly lit (do not record with a light source behind you). Please try not to read from a script or a pre-prepared press release. Speak naturally and try not to be vague (“we’re looking for good writing”). We recommend using Apple’s Quicktime video player to record your video and a service like Dropbox, Vimeo or Youtube to upload it. Once it’s uploaded, use our Submit a Deadline form to submit the link to the uploaded video, or email us at [email protected] If you would like to record a video but have never done anything like this before, shoot us an email at [email protected]

Survey questions

Please answer all of the survey questions provided, preferably in order. Here’s a link to our survey: Literistic Featured Video Survey.

large organization?

If you’re a larger organization with a lot of pre-existing interest, we’re happy to help out and record it for you over Skype. Just send us an email.

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