“What’s the Difference Between the Literistic Longlist and the Literistic Shortlist?”

Since 2014, we’ve been offering two versions of our much-loved list of literary deadlines. One version, the Shortlist, is free. The other, the Longlist, is paid. Our hope is that subscribers on the Shortlist will see the value that we provide (and form a connection with us and the community that we’re trying to build), and eventually upgrade to the Longlist, which allows us to keep the lights on.

Both lists are curated by our editorial team but with a few key differences. If you’re on the Shortlist, here are a few reasons you might want to upgrade:

  • You’ll receive our full list of literary deadlines which you can filter by genre, location, and pay preferences. The Longlist typically contains twice as many deadlines as the Shortlist. Read more about how you can customize your Longlist here: “How can I customize Literistic?”
  • You’ll unlock a personalized and always up to date deadline calendar (syncs with iCal, Google Cal, Outlook etc.). Read more about this feature here: “Your very own personalized deadline calendar.”
  • You’ll unlock a system of opt-in Calendar invites and notifications for specific deadlines.
  • You’ll receive access to a supportive and private Facebook community group (great for forming connections, staying accountable and/or crowdsourcing questions).
  • You’ll be supporting our free programming (like our Submissions 101 course.)
  • You won’t receive emails from our editors urging you to upgrade.

Here’s a few nice things people have to say about the service (more on our “Wall of Love”):

  • “Thanks to @literistic I’ve found new markets for my writing–love your wide-reaching lists!” — Julie P
  • “How much do we love @literistic? SO MUCH YES. Best curated lit contest/submission/fellowship lists ever.” — The Mackinac
  • “The team of @literistic must be made up of demigods. How do they do it?” — Karen C
  • Just sent a submission to The Threepenny Review. First submission since late October. Thanks @literistic for keeping me on my toes! — Steve M.
  • “Just got my first email from @literistic, and it’s already clear that submitting work has gotten a whole lot easier.” — Pamela S
  • “Literistic is a gem, writers, use it to stay on top of your submitting game, im getting published bc of it” — Jeevika V
  • “Dear writers: If you’re not using @literistic you’re missing out! Great newsletter with sub calls. Published in 3 journals using them! 😃” — Jillian P
  • “Just submitted to like three or four places from your amazing email, @literistic. Thank you. You’re awesome. I do this research for myself..” — Illana M
  • “Being your own “literary secretary” sucks. Yay @literistic! Personalized literary+contest deadlines=more time to trick myself into writing.” — Domenica B.
  • “Discovering you was like walking into the staff room on a bleak Monday to discover a box of delicious donuts!” — The Banff Centre

Convinced? You can purchase a subscription for $58 per year right now by clicking here. All annual subscriptions come with a 90 day no-hassle refund policy.

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